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It's the tag line from a song dating back to the hippie days. What it 
referred to then is still a puzzle, looking back, but it is almost certain 
as we look at things today:

My contemporaries got old.
My kids' contemporaries have been sold down the river, a river of debt
The kids on campus today are still lacking a clear goal and destination, 
which I'm afraid they'll be presented with any day now.

However, the Hufflepuffs keep on plugging along doing their duty, may all 
the gods bless them for it.



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>>"One generation got old; one generation got sold; this generation got no 
>>destination to hold..."
>>Jefferson whatever, "Volunteers of America," the title of whose song would 
>>have given any Hufflepuffs listening a very clear "destination to hold." 
>>Or why my kids don't listen to crusaders.
>can you expand on this?
>>Pat, who got old.
>ziviya, who thinks getting old is not for sissies, but it sure beats the 
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