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David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Tue Apr 18 17:05:38 BST 2006

B. Ross Ashley wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Apr 2006 22:37:29 -0400 (EDT), Elizabeth Holden 

>> What's rasfw?
> That's another Usenet newsgroup, namely rec.arts.science-fiction.writing 
> . I don't go there at all, even Flint finds it unpleasant, whereas Steve 
> Stirling seems right at home.

	Eh?  Stirling hasn't been there for a long time, and was never 
"right at home" -- too many people kept taking him to task for his 
expressed sociopolitical views.  It's true that a regrettable number 
of threads degenerate (or start out as -- we get a lot of trolls) into 
ideological wrangling, but there's still a lot of gold amid the dross. 
  I read it unfiltered, and just skip past the threads that have gone 
	James Nicoll's various 'disasters I have survived with only slightly 
crippling wounds' posts are worth the price of admission alone.  John 
Schilling is a Real Rocket Scientists (who periodically explains, in 
detail, why No, Virginia, Spy Sattelites Really *Can't* Read License 
Plates From Orbit).  Keith Morrison is a goldmine of geo-science 
information, and his position (Nunavut, well above the Arctic Circle) 
makes for some interesting stories, not to mention geopolitical 
perspective.  And one time, we held a newsgroup fundraiser to bribe 
<ahem> our resident paleoclimatologist, Dr. Hyde (no Mr. Jekyll jokes, 
please) into going to see "The Day After Tomorrow" in the theater, and 
write an utterly *scathing* review that was one of the funniest things 
I'd read in six months.  We once tried to do the same thing to Keith, 
but he explained that "The Core" was just *so* completely wrong that 
he couldn't critique it rationally -- and besides, he'd already seen it.
	From the ProPoster side of things, Ryk Spoor (aka Sea Wasp), Lawrence 
Watt-Evans, and Charlie Stross are regulars.  Diane Duane and Walter 
Williamson still show up occasionally, and there are others whom I 
cant recall right off.

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