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Wed Apr 19 02:23:38 BST 2006

At 11:55 AM 4/18/2006, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>On 23/03/2006, at 7:57 AM, Scott Raun wrote:
> > Why does Ingrey have to be considerable
> > nobility? Think of Princess Diana - if Princess
> > Di had siblings, and _they_ had kids, they'd
> > be cousins of Prince Harry, the (presumed)
> > future King of England.  But
> > would they have any significant rank?
>I'm not sure this isn't a trick question, but the
>answer is surely, yes, of course they would. Very
>significant indeed.
>In just about any culture, anyone who is cousin to a
>king (or a crown prince) is of significant rank - high
>nobility, even if they are bastard upstarts like
>William the Conqueror and his family.  Check out Miles
>in his relationship to Gregor.
>I can't think of an aristocratic culture where this
>isn't the case.  It's all about who you're related to.

In Germany, the daughter of a Count is a Countess.  In England, the 
daughter of an Earl is not a Countess, she is given the honorific 
"Lady Firstname Lastname", that's all.  A person of any rank may be 
elevated to the peerage in England, this was not true in Germany.  A 
person who was not born "Hoch Adel" could not become such.  That's 
one reason why Germany had morganatic marriages and England did not.

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