[LMB] Zaftig pulchritude OT:

Mark Allums mallums at tyler.net
Wed Apr 19 13:15:26 BST 2006

Susan Fox wrote:

>> My phrase of the week came from watching Henry Rollins on the IFC 
>> channel, but I shant repeat it here, as it invokes the ban on US 
>> politics.  There is something satisfying about the word, though, as it 
>> can be a triumph successfully working it into a game of Scrabble.  
>> It's worth quite a lot on a triple word score.
> OK, I'm intrigued now.  Would you send it in e-mail off list please?

Meanwhile, Helen Hancox wrote:

 >> The question is, did the word come up in Lois's Alphabet Soup that
 >> morning, or does she trawl dictionary.com for random phrases... Or
 >> was it a challenge, like Mark Allums', to get a specific phrase in
 >> print?
 > Mark Allums replied:
 >> Wasn't *my* challenge (unless you're thinking about Scrabble).
 > Good point, sorry about that - my memory is very poor.
 > Still, I'm interested in your mystery scrabble word.

To which I must reply:

I am sorry, but I have misled you.  The satisfying Scrabble word is, in 
fact, "zaftig".  The mystery phrase is something else.  I was not clear 
in my original post.

Also, I'm afraid that the "phrase-of-the-week" is actually fairly 
mundane and not worth your time.  If you get the IFC channel on 
satellite or cable, you can watch the Henry Rollins show and hear plenty 
of notable phrases, some of which are obscene.  I don't particularly 
agree with his politics, but his guests are sometimes interesting.  I 
watch mainly for his musical guests, which are chosen, I think, for 
their politics, but are usually interesting.  Enough.  H.R. doesn't need 
the plug.

--Mark Allums, trying to work the phrase "bees knees" into conversation 

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