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> From: "Kalina Varbanova" <kikibug13 at gmail.com> On 4/19/06, Alfred 
> Kelgarries <alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Geek Test: how many total episodes of ST (including DS9 and Voyager) 
>> did Michael Dorm appear in, and how many was he in without the 
>> klingon headpiece?

None. Michael Dorn however did appear in many, many episodes. :) Off the
top of my head: no idea, but very few without the headpiece. 2?

*** :)  I can think of at least one, though it may have been a
two-parter -- the one where Sisko was dreaming he was an SF writer in
the early pulp days -- or was he an SF writer dreaming he was a space
station commander?  Great episode!
> As I am not a geek (not on ST, although I did watch it and enjoyed it 
> for a while - then school took me away and I haven't had enough time 
> since then to locate all the episodes and then sit myself down and 
> watch them), and as I cheated (imdb.com), I will not post the results 
> I got. But that's a lot of episodes.

I recommend Star Trek: Deep Space Nine over any of the other series:  
better storylines from the start, better female characters and
characters that actually change over time. Less episodic than TNG.


*** Absolutely agreed -- fantastic story arcs, great women and the male
characters were no slouches, either.

Janet in OK
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