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Well it might be Sci-Fi more than Fantasy, but David Weber's "The Excalibur
Alternative" has a married man who has a wife and one child (at the
beginning) and at the end has the same wife and child and many more
children, plus about a thousand years have passed. That really is "in for it
for the long haul". 

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Ok, I went and said in public that 98% of fantasy with romance is a
boy-meets-girl or a girl-meets-boy variety. That part of the problem of the,
well, fantastic romance in fantasy is that it's almost never out of the
first honeymoon feelings. Even Herself's fantasy books fall into this
pattern. (And almost all significant minor characters are single or widowed.
Except for Hallana and Wencel.)

Now I'm racking my brain to come up with fantasy books that have a main
character in a commited relationship at the start of the book or series.
Preferably, the relationship continues through the book.

So far, I've come up with three:
The Book of Jherek by Steven Brust where Vlad and Cawti are married at start
of the first book.

The Cleric Quinted series by Salvatore where Danica and Cadderly are going

Martin's Song of Fire and Ice although, errr, well, no spoiling.

Are there any other fantasy books about couples out there? Or should I admit
that it's really 100% except for three series?


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