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On 4/20/06, Patricia A. Swan <zafaran at sff.net> wrote:
> 1) There is a really *serious* case of Unreliable Narrator going
> on here, and the Pure-bloods aren't the only bigots in the
> house.  Ron Weasley keeps pouring all this anti-Slytherin
> bigotry in Harry's ear, and I think it's got a particularly
> serious effect.  Sirius Black's attitudes vis-a-vis Slytherin
> and Snape don't help Harry's worldview either.  The boy knows
> Snape is a spy who's got to keep a real psycho from killing him,
> but doesn't seem to let that fact filter through the bigotry on
> most occasions.

Well, you can't always have impartial hero. Especially when the hero starts
up at ten years of age, when the capacity of analysis not _fully_ developed.
And although enthusiastic and eager and good-hearted (well, he is!), Harry
does not strike me as extraordinary bright... Also, IIRC, I thought Draco
(sp?)  behaved like an idiot when Harry and he met the first time. (SORRY if
I offend! that is my _personal_ opinion; I have known kids who behave that
way and after the first confrontation, I try to stay as far away from them
as I possibly can, whatever it costs me. They most likely have their good
reasons, but my choice is different) Snape definitely didn't help either. At

2) I really, really think the characters, particularly Severus
> Snape, are fighting her, and she doesn't possess the
> craftsmanship to hide the fact well at all.  From what I've seen
> stated she is going to do what *she* wants with the story no
> matter how the characters grow and change in the process of
> writing the series.  Except she can't keep the changes in the
> characters from bleeding through and showing.

I totally agree. I started off with an open mind, but after a while her
shameless stealing of ideas of other authors really set my teath on edge,
and afterwards her writing did not improve my impression.

and 3) The whole thing is becoming MORBID! The world she created has in a
way its own integrity and ballance and there are decent people there, and I
hate what is happening to them!

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