[LMB] AKICOTL: OT: Commited MC couples in fantasy

Mervi Hamalainen Mervi.Hamalainen at uta.fi
Thu Apr 20 11:59:12 BST 2006

> From: Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com>

> --- Mervi Hamalainen <Mervi.Hamalainen at uta.fi> wrote:
>> Ok, I went and said in public that 98% of fantasy
>> with romance is a  boy-meets-girl or a girl-meets-
>> boy variety.
> As opposed to boy-meets-boy or girl-meets-girl?  Or is
> it the very fact of it being a 'meeting' story that
> you  are commenting on? I was going to say 'objecting
> to' but I'm not sure whether you are objecting, or
> just pointing out the way things genrally are.

Just pointing out, although there aren't many of the boy-meets-boy or  
girl-meets-girl kinds either.

> I've always thought that the story of Cordelia and
> Aral after "Shard of Honour" was one of the best
> depictions of marriage in a series I could think of.

>> Now I'm racking my brain to come up with fantasy
>> books that have a  main character in a
>> commited relationship at the start of the book or
>> series.
> Most genre fiction is about single people, or people
> coming into a relationship.


>> Martin's Song of Fire and Ice although, errr, well,
>> no spoiling.
> There are many marriages there. I suspect I know which
> one you are thinking of: Catelyn and Ned Stark?

Yes, IIRC no other main characters are married when the first book starts.

>> Are there any other fantasy books about couples out
>> there? Or should I
>> admit that it's really 100% except for three series?
> Why do you find this surprising or problematic?

I think that it's a problem when all of the other aspects of the book  
and world-building are often required by the readers to be "realistic"  
(what ever  the standards of individual reader is) but romance which  
people should know more about than, say, sword fighting or castle  
design is just shrugged off into a fairy tale land.

> I pause to try to think of a fanasy novel where the
> couple are together at the beginning of the story.  In
> "Swordspoint" by Ellen Kushner, Alec and Richard are
> together at the beginning.

Oh, yes! Swordspoint! A wonderful book.

In numerous versions of the
> Arthurian legend, Arthur and Guinevere are already
> married when the story starts.

But quite a few start with A and G meeting, too. We must have been  
reading different versions. :)

   In "Dragonsbane" by
> Barbaly Hambly, the protagonists are married when the
> story starts.

I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

> From: "Helen Hancox" <helen at hancox.org.uk>
  David Weber's "The Excalibur
> Alternative"

Sounds intresting. I'll have to check it out, too.

> From: "Kalina Varbanova" <kikibug13 at gmail.com>
I am thinking about Polgara and
> Durnik in the Malloreon (well, they do get on with it in the Belgariad, but
> in Malloreon they start off as family.

Really? I've read Belgariad but not Malloreon. Still, it's not enough  
to start reading Eddings again.


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