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On Thu, 20 Apr 2006, Patricia A. Swan wrote:

> The books are irritating me more and more as the series
> progresses because of what I see are two primary things:
> 1) There is a really *serious* case of Unreliable Narrator going
> on here, and the Pure-bloods aren't the only bigots in the
> house.  Ron Weasley keeps pouring all this anti-Slytherin
> bigotry in Harry's ear, and I think it's got a particularly
> serious effect.

I loathe the Weasleys, one and all, except for Percy, whom I feel
sorry for, and Charlie, who's never around and I don't blame him.
And Bill.  Because I don't have any idea what Bill is like,
Rowling having confused dragon boots and a ponytail with a real

Arthur is the moral equivalent of a DEA agent who does
forfeitures, confiscating people's entire estates for doing
drugs--and comes home to smoke pot.  Yes, pot is basically fairly
harmless, but if your job involves ruining the lives of drug
users, it's hypocritical and corrupt in the extreme to smoke it
yourself.  Except, there being only one wizarding prison/jail,
everyone he catches goes to Azkaban.  Molly married him, and puts
up token protests at the corruption but never stops defending
Arthur and saying that Arthur can't advance because of his
politics; the fact that he's a colossal goof-off has nothing
whatsoever to do with it, it's all Lucius Malfoy's fault. The
twins are bloody terrorists who have now gone into the date rape
drug business.  Ginny went from being a likeable, if traumatised,
young lady to being the biggest bully of all.  And Hermione,
having now determined to be with one of them, is turning herself
into a harridan, too.  I don't blame Percy a bit for cutting them
all off.

Ron is just boring and annoying and jealous, but since he's
always around, he annoys me a lot.

The Weasleys have done nice things for Harry.  I will not and do
not deny that.  This does not make them nice people overall.
They like Harry, and they idolise Dumbledore.  It isn't difficult
to be kind to people one likes whom one's idol promotes.

But the Weasleys remind me of nothing so much as another
fictional family:  the O'Keefes.  Where is Percy's Meg?

> 2) I really, really think the characters, particularly Severus
> Snape, are fighting her, and she doesn't possess the
> craftsmanship to hide the fact well at all.  From what I've seen
> stated she is going to do what *she* wants with the story no
> matter how the characters grow and change in the process of
> writing the series.  Except she can't keep the changes in the
> characters from bleeding through and showing.

Nope.  If HBP had just contained the bits about Snape and Draco I
might have enjoyed it; but the Gaunt subplot ruined the book for
me, and Dumbledore's hours and hours of self-justification
were boring and disheartening and stomach-turning.  Then there
was the most repulsive teenage romance subplot ever, which may
contain some aspects of realism but you know, there are teenagers
who DON'T turn into little sh*ts of this nature when the estrogen
and testosterone starts flowing, and sometimes realism is
overrated.  I personally like books about people who are a little
better than they have to be in this department.

And then there was the way the fandom canonwh0res embraced this
book and harassed and mocked and stalked the people in the fandom
who said they didn't like it, in no uncertain terms.

A really good way to never get friended by me on LJ is to have
"obhwf" or "sugar quill" in your interests list, because after
three people I had known for a while, one of whom I had
significant RL knowledge and interaction with, turned crazy in
the wake of the book, I pretty much won't deal with anyone who
proclaims themselves to be part of that camp.  Fair?  Probably
not, but I've been burnt enough by people who were sane on the
surface but turned into lunatics when you dared express a
different feeling from theirs about their favourite books...

~malfoy :)

"That wickedness weltering around inside of you, inside of everyone, is
sacred somewhere.  There's a deity out there who digs it.  You can respect
and love your darkest side, disposing only of what is obsolete or
impractical.  It's all about giving yourself permission." --Jack Darkhand

"It is better to be cruel for love than for hate." --Thomas Burnett Swann

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