[LMB] OT: Fandom Migrations

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Thu Apr 20 23:42:48 BST 2006

--- Azalais Aranxta <tiamat at tsoft.com> wrote:

> I guess so, but he didn't affect me at all.  Nothing
> on any version of Stargate does.

I tried, but it just didn't take. On any level.

> > > Essentially I think it depends on the fantasy
> value of having
> > > a "Punish the Idiots" day.
> >
> > Heh - that's not one of mine.
> See, that's why I like Snape.  Not the only reason,
> but one of them.

Because he punishes idiots?  I'm not sure I
understand. He is certainly not an idiot himself: I
like his mind.

> I am a big fan of indoor plumbing.  Especially in
> real life.  

In real life, yeah, it's great. But in fiction?
Unnecessary.  Or at least not part of anything I would
judge a setting for.  Moreover, with my passion for
historical settings, if I was fussy about plumbing I
wouldn't have much to read.

> But then, I am also one of those people who 
> only writes about plumbing when it's necessary 
> to the plot, 

I don't think I have ever in the whole of my life
written about plumbing. Never needed to. Never wanted
to. And can't recall ever reading about it unless you
count Miles' forensic plumbing, which was wonderful.

> doesn't tend to
> think of plumbing as a good source of plot devices,

Miles excepted.

> I do like spaceships, and very especially space
> opera and military SF, 

Well, I do like these things, but not because of their
plumbing. I tend to ignore the actual nature of the
ships. (Don't ask me anything about the spaceships in
Bujold's novels, they make no impression whatsoever.)

> but am unenamoured of reading about and
> writing about societies where people behave 
> exactly the same way most people do today.

I'd have to think about the implications of that.

> I tried to write Adama/Roslin but they have done
> things with Roslin and made Roslin do things this
> season that are just not supportable by me.  

I never liked Roslin much. So it goes. By the end of
2nd season I was beginning to find her interesting.
Still don't like her, but her role has its moments.
(In my head I have a secret beloved Adama/someone
relationship that I would hesitate to mention aloud;
it keeps me happy.)

> To go into why would be to break
> lots of list rules about appropriate topics of
> discussion, and I think this is probably not 
> an accident; the writers of the show
> seem to be deliberately going for social commentary
> on US politics. 

I don't think I noticed.  Not being interesting in
politics in general, and not knowing much about U.S.
politics, I may well be missing allusions.

> Which is not something I want in my
> stories, much.

I wouldn't if I knew about it. Not knowing about it, I
am happy with the story.
> I still ship Adama/Roslin but I only ever wrote one
> story about them, maybe two people read it and it 
> was jossed within a week. *shrug*

Bummer! But it's that kind of show.


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