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> At 10:26 PM 20/04/2006, PAT MATHEWS wrote:
>   Rand in her deep-rooted inability to understand
> the human herd 
> instinct (pardon the sloppy language!), let alone
> value it. Her 
> characters' emotional mindsets are more along the
> lines of the great cats!
> You say this as if it were a bad thing!?

I draw your attention to the fact that a vast majority
of the great cats alive today spend their lives in
captivity, either personal, in zoos or in preserves. 
Their antipathy to sharing their territory has
resulted in the loss of nearly all of it.

We simply cannot live that way anymore.  We *must*
interact, at least on some level, with the world
around us.  The mountain hermit, though a romantic
figure, gets brought in to the local police station
and forced to explain where he was and what he was
doing every time there's a crime in the area, and is
subject to the queries of social services.  Whereas if
he talks to his neighbours every month or so he gets
left alone.

The overwhelming fact is that there's more of the herd
than the loner, the herd doesn't understand the loner
(and doesn't want to), and the herd *will* break the
loner if the loner doesn't make the herd feel as if
the loner is actually part of the herd (a far-flung
and not much heard from part, true, but still a part).
 To the herd, the loner is sick and/or dangerous and
must be healed and/or neutralised.  And the loner
*will* be neutralised if s/he can't convince the herd
that they're not a threat.


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