[LMB] OT: Lt Worf

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Thu Apr 20 17:03:40 BST 2006

Croft, Janet B. wrote:

> I recommend Star Trek: Deep Space Nine over any of the other series:  
> better storylines from the start, better female characters and
> characters that actually change over time. Less episodic than TNG.
> Mervi
> *** Absolutely agreed -- fantastic story arcs, great women and the male
> characters were no slouches, either.

	One of my all-time favorite eps ever was "Trials and Tribble-ations," 
where the DS9 cast end up back in time on Space Station K-7 just in 
time for the Great Tribble Disaster.  Not only is the episode an FX 
tour de force in seamless video editing, but it also manages to be as 
funny as the original (partly by riffing on the original in the 
background).  Dax was a riot, and they actually addressed the cranial 
difference between TOS Klingons and TNG Klingons (mainly by Worf 
refusing to talk about it, but at least they didn't ignore it).
	I bought my mother the VHS box set that bookended a squeaky tribble 
between cassettes of TaT and the TOS TwT, years ago, for Mother's Day. 
  She still has that tribble.

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