[LMB] OT: Shoulder-height Purring Mountain Kitties?

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Fri Apr 21 14:52:18 BST 2006

>From: "Alfred Kelgarries" <alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com>

>>Only the kind that live up around Denver. (If you hear a loud bass purr at 
>>shoulder height, say your prayers. Some of the kitties up there are king 
>>sized and dangerous.)
>Are you serious or are our collective list-legs being pulled? I  mean, I've 
>read about mountain lions, but I thought they were smaller, like oversized 
>house cats. ????

I think you're thinking of bobcats, or lynxes. Those are like oversized 
house cats and have tufted ears. They can breed with housecats, from what 
I've heard about the ancestry of some peoples' house cats.

Mountain Lions - a.k.a. panthers, cougars, or pumas - are *giant* housecats 
- about the size of an African lioness or better. They run maybe six feet 
long, in about the same category as jaguars and leopards.  If you ever get 
out to the Rockies, there are placed that have either stuffed moountain 
lions on displays, or life-sized statues or replicas of them. Believe me, 
you do *not* want to treat them like kitty-cats, but like *lions.*

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