[LMB] OT: Surfer Dudes And Grizzly Bears

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Fri Apr 21 14:55:47 BST 2006

>From: "Alfred Kelgarries" <alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com>
>>>  Haven't yet noticed the packs of females go hunting while the males 
>>>sunned themselves. Not to self: must re-read the Fountainhead looking for 
>And this brings on a *really awful* mental image involving surfer dudes in 
>southern california and packs of bikini-clad females attacking nearby fast 
>food joints....no, it's too early for that sort of image..

Snicker, chortle, roar with laughter - my brother lives in La Jolla, CA.

>I always viewed Rand's characters as climax omnivores, like grizzly bears. 
>Self-sufficient, polite, until you get in their way. Then, no dominance 
>games or fight or flight reflex; they gut you, defecate on the remains, and 
>move on. (

Oh, NICE analogy and image! I'll remember that!

I admit I read them in my early 20's,
>back when she was writing them on papyrus...)

And what year wa that, if I may ask? I read them back in the mid-Sixtes, 
when our personal computers were about a foot long, made of wood, with 
log-log scales etched on.


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