[LMB] OT: Moldy TCP/IP

David W. Levine dwl at panix.com
Fri Apr 21 16:53:46 BST 2006

At 11:26 AM 4/21/2006, you wrote:
>>And what about Prestel? This may be a UK-only thing, but I played 
>>on that when
>>I was 13 which was back in 1984...
>Not familiar with that one. What was it? And  you were online in 1984? How?
>Alfred Kelgarries
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>you." Sun Tzu, modern version
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By 1984, the usenet was alive and well, and I was wasting far too 
much time reading it
at University. :-)

Back in 1975, when I was in middle school, the ultra cool thing to 
have was the phone
number to the TIP in Rutgers which would let you get to the MIT AI 
machine. We had a
pair of terminals, a IBM selectric, and an olivetti machine, and 2 
modems, The fast one
was 110 baud. Back in those days, if you could find your way to the 
MIT AI machine, they
figured you were clever enough to get a guest account. The teachers, 
of course, didn't know about
this, but there was a clique of kids who passed around the magic bits 
of info. We were supposed to
be learning basic, on the regional school district's mainframe, but 
it was much more interesting
to go exploring at MIT-AI and at SAIL.

I latched on to my first stable e-mail address in 1981, (It was a 
variant of dwl at watson.ibm.com, which still works)
  For most of high school, an IBM selectric, with a modem wandered in 
and out of my father' office at
home, but he preferred to drive into work, where he could log on 
directly. I handed in my first paper
that was word processed in 1978, done on an IBM mainframe, using IBM 
Research's private version of
script/VS which did primitive formatting. (Talk about freaking out 
the teachers)

Of course, these days, I get grumpy when I have trouble driving 
machine at work from halfway around
the world. (What? I can't get more than 1Mbit per second out of the 
ethernet in Seoul to the office, how
on earth will  I get *anything done)

- David

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