[LMB] AKICOTL: OT: Commited MC couples in fantasy

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Fri Apr 21 19:17:54 BST 2006

Mervi said to me:

> but in a genre that has a lot of long
> lived creatures it just struck me as odd. 
> Legolas was over 2000 years old (IIRC) and 
> still single.

Ah, the age of Legolas! That's a can of worms.  I
don't remember the details of the debate, but last I
heard most commentators (including Peter Jackson) had
him in the range of being c. 900-1,000 years old.
Tolkien is unclear on the matter.

In any case, many have concluded that Legolas is
either too young to marry yet, or simply hasn't found
an Elvish princess of suitable status - most having
gone to Valinor already, and Arwen being otherwise
spoken for.

It's typical of Tolkien not to mention wives much; I
don't think we hear about the wives of Thranduil,
Glorfindel, or the various other named Elves of high

I said, re Arthurian novels:
> > some start with Arthur and Guinevere together but
> > Guinevere meeting Lancelot, which is still not a
> > depction of a stable marriage.
> Quite true. Are there any that have Arthur,
> Guinevere and Lancelot as a triad? 

Not that I've come across. I'd like to find one. In
fact, I've thought about writing such a novel myself.

> I've always seen that as a better suited to
> the honorable gentlemen than cheating.

As do I.  Many modern versions have Arthur aware of
the Lancelot/Guinevere affair, but turning a blind
eye, and Lancelot doesn't know he knows. A triad would
be much more fun, and it makes more sense, to my way
of thinking.


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