[LMB] Arthurian was AKICOTL: OT: Commited MC couples in fantasy

Mervi Hamalainen Mervi.Hamalainen at uta.fi
Fri Apr 21 21:08:57 BST 2006

> From: Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com>

> Mervi said to me:
>> but in a genre that has a lot of long
>> lived creatures it just struck me as odd.
>> Legolas was over 2000 years old (IIRC) and
>> still single.
> Ah, the age of Legolas! That's a can of worms.

Oh? I've only read LotR and the Hobbit so I wouldn't know.
I think I got the 2000 years from LotR movies' offical website some years ago.

> don't remember the details of the debate, but last I
> heard most commentators (including Peter Jackson) had
> him in the range of being c. 900-1,000 years old.

It's still a long time to be single.

> In any case, many have concluded that Legolas is
> either too young to marry yet, or simply hasn't found
> an Elvish princess of suitable status

If your going to spend the rest of your immortal life together  
shouldn't you be looking for something else that status?

> It's typical of Tolkien not to mention wives much;

Or women at all. One of the things why I don't like him much.

Are there any that have Arthur,
>> Guinevere and Lancelot as a triad?
> Not that I've come across. I'd like to find one. In
> fact, I've thought about writing such a novel myself.

Funny you should mention that... I started that sort of novel in this  
year's National Novel Writing Month. I haven't finished it yet but  
hopefully some day. It's nice to know it's not done to death. :)
>> I've always seen that as a better suited to
>> the honorable gentlemen than cheating.
> As do I.  Many modern versions have Arthur aware of
> the Lancelot/Guinevere affair, but turning a blind
> eye, and Lancelot doesn't know he knows. A triad would
> be much more fun, and it makes more sense, to my way
> of thinking.

Oh, yes. :)

> From: "Kalina Varbanova" <kikibug13 at gmail.com>

> Am I mistaking the meaning of "triad", or are you missing Marion Zimmer
> Bradly (sp?)  Mysts of Avalon?

Oh, sorry. Triad as in both Arthur and Lancelot are in a relationship  
with Guinevere openly.

It's been some 15 years since I read Mists of Avalon and I can't  
honestly remember that.


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