[LMB] OT: Shoulder high purring mountain kitties

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Sat Apr 22 04:40:15 BST 2006

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> mathews55 at msn.com writes:
> One  caveat - just because cougars are so formidable, it does NOT pay to
> underestimate their smaller cousin Sir Robert kin Feline. Bigger than a
> housecat - half again as big at the smallers, carries curved daggers and
> fangs, and *not* tame.
> M:
> They get a lot bigger than that if raised in captivity where they have
> regular meals.  A relative of mine had an orphaned bobcat she'd adopted as
> kitten, and he was almost as big as their German shepherd.  He also threw
that dog
> around the back yard like a catnip mouse.  Nothing vicious--they  were
> longtime friends.

One of the people who's been on the IRC on irc.sff.net took home what he
thought was a relatively tame feral kitty which had been hanging around
outside a convenience store.  He took the cat to the vet, for a checkup.  It
was large, but not bigger than e.g. some Maine coon cats.  The vet said,
"Er, that's not's a house cat, it's a bobcat!"   I copied the picture of it
that the fellow had posted on his website, the hindquarters are a bit odd
and the tail too, it's draped across the back of a large chair, showing
itself to be not a tiny feline.

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