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> I don't recognize "PC" as a set of initials in this instance, but the 
> rest of the description defines a slide rule.  I guess no one under 
> 40 has ever used one.  I never took math courses, so never owned one, 
> but I understand that serious students of math used a 20" model, in 
> order to get more than two or three significant digits.  I think if 
> one doubled the length of the rule, one could add one more significant digit.
Went to a Sealed Knot living hisory session at Easter (that's English C17 for anyone who doesn't know the reference) where they were using and explaing Napier's bones. Very nice.

They also had a Roman numeral abacus - you could see that Napier was fulfilling a much-needed requirement.

(They pre-empted logs by the way - which seques (slides) into the other wooden/bone/plastic computer).


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