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> In the Diana Wynne Jones Chrestomanci series, Chrestomanici starts out
married, and continues so. A couple of prequels have him meeting  his
wife-to-be as a child.
> Rachel Ganz

What else, oh--a couple Roland Green novels,  Adm Sho Kawahara [spelling] is
married, and at home with wife and family in one of the Starship Shenandoah
novels when Bad Things Happen.  The officer in charge of the weapons of mass
destruction on the ship is a matronly sort who's married and had reproduced
(not a really major character, though).  Mahmoud Sa'id and Karl Pocher are a
committed homosexual couple, who are 2/3rds of the crew on a small resupply
ship.   The protagonist of Voyage to Eneh, a completely unrelated book, is
essentially married, to two different woman, in his home colony location;
the humans on the planet aren't native, the ship that had brought them there
had an inflight failure and stranded the crew and passengers on the planet
several generations prior.  With a limited gene pool, the human population
practices very strict rules for partnering and reproduction....

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