[LMB] Arthurian and AKICOTL: OT: Commited MC couples in fantasy

Mervi Hamalainen Mervi.Hamalainen at uta.fi
Sat Apr 22 13:25:43 BST 2006

Snipping again heavily.

> From: "B. Ross Ashley" <redlion at sff.net>

> I've been wracking my brain as to  the subject of a
> Guinevere-Arthur-Lancelot triplet and can't come up with anything,
> unless _The Lance Thrower_, Jack Whyte's sequel to _Chlothar the Frank_,
> is that way ... haven't picked it up yet.

In one of the reviews on Amazon it's mentioned that Arthur is only  
seen in the last couple of pages, so I doubt it. Pity.

> From: "Paula Lieberman" <paal at gis.net>

>> Ok, I went and said in public that 98% of fantasy with romance is a
>> boy-meets-girl or a girl-meets-boy variety. That part of the problem of
> the,
> It's lower than that, when e.g. adding in YA fantasy.

True. Since we don't have a separate YA books I keep forgetting that.

   the first book
> at least of Michelle Sagara's series which starts off with the novel Cast in
> Shadow (second one due out in I think June or so) is NOT a romance novel.

She's in my to-read-list. That sounds very, very interesting and I've  
bumped her up on my list. I've always interested in reading about  
different cultures.

(Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot triad)
> What about e.g. Beloved Exile by Parke Godwin?

Isn't Arthur dead in that one?

> A lot has to do with the age of the protagonist(s) and the culture.

That's very true. Many, many fantasy MCs are teenagers.

Thanks for everybody for the suggestions.


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