Subject: Re: [LMB] OT: Moldy TCP/IP

Michael Bernardi mike at
Sat Apr 22 21:28:17 BST 2006

"Helen Hancox" <helen at> commented:
> And what about Prestel? This may be a UK-only thing, but I played on that when
> I was 13 which was back in 1984...
Ah! That brings back memories. I too used a BBC micro to access
Prestel, I was even a content provider for HobbySpot! 1986-89 I was one
of three editors for Earthlight SF&F one of first electronic fanzines
in the UK (I think Dave Langford was the first). Prestel didn't use
TCP/IP but a split 1200/75 baud rate allowing "faster page downloding".

I was on cix (possibly the uk equivalent of The Well?) from Novemeber 89 
(which has now translated itself into an ISP) until May 02. 
Was one of the earliest dialup users of FULL internet access by joining Demon 
in 92, the first ISP in the UK for ORDINARY people. Moved to my current ISP, 
force9 in March 02 when I upgraded to ADSL.

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