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> On 4/22/06, Paula Lieberman <paal at gis.net> wrote:
> > The mother of the protagonist in the first published of Patricia
> First published or first in the series?  I thought _Dragonsbane_ was both
first published and first in the series, with _Dragonsearch_ following.
After that is  #3 _Searching for Dragons_ and #4 _Talking to Dragons_.  The
third one is the hardest to find in NZ.  I didn't get to read it until late
last year, when the local bookstore which imports new and hard to find sf
and fantasy brought it in.  Haven't got a copy yet, though.

> They're really two duologies, with about eighteen, nineteen years between

Check the copyright dates IIRC #3 was written and published first.

The titles (US, GB titles differ) in series order are (1) Dealing With
Dragons (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Book 1)  (2) Searching for
Dragons,  (3) Calling on Dragons [Morewen],  (4) Talking to Dragons.
Also  Book of Enchantments  Patricia C. Wrede

Little Egret

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