[LMB] Re: Adjunct Birthday Tixie, yes, it's still the 24th

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Tue Apr 25 04:35:19 BST 2006

Adjunct Birthday Tixie looks as the clock and goes eek! Faithful Companion 
was supposed to remind her about Danielle Hart. Faithful Companion is 
getting dry food tonight. (Faithful Companion shrugs, having already scored 
some of the last night's roast beef).

Anyway. Danielle Hart, Happy Birthday wherever you may be, and to all the 
ships at sea as well. Let us know how you are doing if and when you can. 
Here's to love and laughter, no matter how far from home you might be right 
now. Wherever there is a book, wherever there is an organization that could 
use a Miles and a Simon Illyan, wherever there's a kitchen that could use a 
Ma Costi (or a Ma Foxti, yum YUM!), wherever there is a building with 
insufficient books in it, there will be a Bujoldian somewhere to fix all 

Sa-LUTE! (nooo, Faithful Companion, don't try that when you're on my 
shoulder, you just dig in the other sets of claws all the harder...ouch!).

Happy Birthday, Danielle!

Jean Lamb, tlambs1138 at charter.net
"Research is hard. Torturing heroes is fun."--Mary Jo Putney 

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