Jews and Romany on Barrayar, was: Re: [LMB] Minorities In Europe (And On Barrayar...?)

D Echelbarger bujoldjunkie at
Tue Apr 25 16:29:25 BST 2006

Ray said:
> I would expect the Jews are pretty well assimilated
> and/or have drifted very far from many of the
> behavioural markers of their faith. <snip>
 >  If the only food available was pork
> and pork products, I imagine a Jew would pray hard for
> forgiveness and then eat. 

They wouldn't have to; if the only alternatives are to break 
kosher or to starve, Judaism specifically teaches you're to 
do what you have to (ie: break kosher) to survive.

Besides, nowhere in any of the books are pigs or pig 
products mentioned WRT Barrayar. Horses, cows, goats, red 
deer.. but no pigs.

There have been some interesting discussions in the past of 
why this is so, as pigs would seem an obvious choice for a 
colony: they're such efficient critters at transforming 
inedible-to-humans waste into food.  My favorite theory is 
that, for some reason, pigs were the only Earth critter that 
tasted like "food" to Barrayaran predators, and after losing 
  a few litters to same the Firsters decided to use their 
limited resources for other species.

Diane E

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