Jews and Romany on Barrayar, was: Re: [LMB] Minorities In Europe(And On Barrayar...?)

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at
Tue Apr 25 17:01:43 BST 2006

>From: D Echelbarger <bujoldjunkie at>
>There have been some interesting discussions in the past of why this is so, 
>as pigs would seem an obvious choice for a colony: they're such efficient 
>critters at transforming inedible-to-humans waste into food.  My favorite 
>theory is that, for some reason, pigs were the only Earth critter that 
>tasted like "food" to Barrayaran predators, and after losing  a few litters 
>to same the Firsters decided to use their limited resources for other 

Pigs provide meat and leather, but nothing else except fertilizer. Given a 
choice between pigs, and a critter that also gives milk and wool, the latter 
seems more economical. Besides, subsistence-farm-reared pigs eat things like 
acorns (in England) and corn cobs (in the US). I don't think Barrayar's 
native vegetation would support that, and organic waste seems to go into the 
compost pile for terraforming the soil.

Of course, then, what would the red deer eat and why in the world did 
Barrayar import *those*? To pull their sleighs in the wintertime?

Oh - interesting thought - are there deer-herding people in the far north?


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