[LMB] OT: Shoulder high purring mountain kitties

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Tue Apr 25 11:57:56 BST 2006

Paula Lieberman wrote:
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>>The bobcat I was acquainted with was very tame--he tried to sit on my lap
>>(didn't fit, had to drape over me instead), and put his paws on my
> shoulders
>>when I was sitting in the yard to touch noses with me.  In  fact, he was a
> lot
>>gentler than many house cats I know.  His paws were  about the size of my
>>fists, and I don't have dainty little hands.
> There are some theories that claim people didn't tame dogs and cats, dogs
> and cats tamed people.... there was food for dogs and cats around people,
> and the closer they hung around near people and got them to cooperate, the
> easier life was for the dogs and cats... domestic dogs and cats have longer,
> healthier lifespans, and an easier time of it, that their relatives which
> aren't catered to by people.

	One of the only memorable bits from that atrocious "Battlefield Earth" 
movie was the scene where the aliens are discussing some leftover 
evidence of human civilization, and conclude that *dogs* were the 
dominant species, b/c humans chauferred them around (the dogs never had 
to drive the cars themselves), and unlike humans the dogs were smart 
enough to (eventually) surrender to the invading XTs.
	No mention of cats, though.  Darned felines probably sold humanity out 
through cutouts and did a "So Long and Thanks for All the Meow-Mix, 
Suckers" just before the bombs started falling.  :)

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