[LMB] Read Turner! seconded

sekhmet sekhmet42 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 26 03:42:42 BST 2006

--- Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com> wrote:

>  I wonder how much Gen's mother had in common with
>Cordela. A strong character, I would imagine.

Actually, I think she was rather flighty. She wasn't
The Thief, she was nicknamed Thief of Hearts; I
vaguely recall something implying she stole but got
away with it by being charming, and died, iirc,
falling off the roof while dancing. Gen and Miles have
some influences and characteristics in common, but I
see them as very different people. If nothing else,
compare the women they married! But really you should
read the third book. It's much more like the second
book than the first, complex but not quite as dark.


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