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Wed Apr 26 05:50:59 BST 2006

--- Elizabeth Holden <azurite at rogers.com> wrote:
> Did you like the second book more than the first?
I had picked up The Thief at random and knew nothing
about the second book when I bought it, except that it
was a sequel. I liked both very much, I was just
disconcerted 1/4 way through the second book when the
significant event happened, and I realized it was not
going to be such a lighthearted book. Once I got over
my preconceptions, I enjoyed the book very much. 

Ah, here we go. So much for my memory of his mother's
nickname, totally wrong. Oh well.

"She was a favorite at the court and was called Queen
Thief, but not Queen's Thief. They said she stole
people's hearts away. She certainly stole their jewels
and wore them herself or sometimes dedicated them."
and "She'd been dancing on the roof of the palace and
slipped coming back in".

We've were comparing Miles and Gen as characters, but
it might be interesting to look at the societies and
compare Gen's with the 5 Gods series. Both have
frequent references to the gods. For most people they
are theoretical and safely distant, but for a few
people they are present and  overwhelming, and not
necessarily what humans expect.  I love that the gods
send a messenger to Gen and the message isn't
something heroic in pentameter, but "stop whining". 



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