[LMB] AKICOTL: Where to go for help on Linux OT: in the extreme

Tracy MacShane billie_t at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 26 14:23:52 BST 2006

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 07:38:34 -0500, "Mark Allums" <mallums at tyler.net>
> I don't necessarily want the list to answer my question for me, I just 
> want to know where to look for help on various UN*X/Linux topics.  I 
> hate bothering you guys, but in spite of being an alleged computer guy, 
> I am inexperienced in administering a Linux system.
> My specific problem is that on my newly installed SuSE 10.0 system, mail 
> is misconfigured.  Actually, it works perfectly, but it doesn't do what 
> I want.  I would like to either turn off the mail daemon (undesirable) 
> or tell it not to check my POP mail at my ISP (better) or somehow 
> configure a mail reader under X/KDE/Gnome/something to read mail from 
> the user's mailbox, or something along those lines (best).  I would 
> rather not use PINE.

I didn't see anyone answer this thoroughly yet, so apologies if I'm just
becoming blind in my old age. Since you want to read mail in the GUI,
nothing easier said than done. Pick your mail client and off you go! 

If you have Sendmail running on the system, turn it off, unless you want
to email logs or something to yourself from that machine. If you don't
intend serving mail, no point in running a mail server. Of course, if
you do use it for that, fine - but it shouldn't be collecting POP or
IMAP mail for you, since it only speaks SMTP. Is Fetchmail or Getmail
configured on the machine? If so, you'll need to stop it nabbing your
mail before your client can get to it.

Now, I don't know what email applications (other than possibly
Evolution) come bundled with SuSE, but there are a few options you can
choose from in terms of GUI POP/IMAP clients (the latter is better, if
your ISP supports it). But here's some information on configuring the
most common clients at the moment:

Thunderbird (mail client forked off from the Mozilla Suite, companion to
Firefox. Has a number of extensions that can be added.) -
Homepage is here: http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird/

Evolution mail client (very Outlook-esque, and certainly comes with
SuSE, so I'd recommend it. It's also nice to use) -
http://support.math.arizona.edu/email/mailsettings/evolution.php, for a
quick setup guide. This is the link to the Evolution site, which has
more details on its features and the full manual:

If you use the KDE desktop, kmail is supposed to be decent, but I
haven't used it, personally:

And if we're going to talk console mail clients (we weren't), Mutt
totally blows PINE out of the water (graphical message threading - woo!)
- http://bigstory.homelinux.org/images/mutt2.png. Tutorial here:

There's also a guide on how to check Gmail from zillions of Linux
mailers, if you happen  to have a Gmail account:

If you want more info about the first two, just flick me a private
email. I personally use Ubuntu, but configuring a GUI client is pretty
much the same in any OS, not to mention different "flavours" of an OS.

http://www.fastmail.fm - Same, same, but different

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