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Sylvus Tarn sylvus at rejiquar.com
Thu Apr 27 18:59:44 BST 2006

On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 15:56 +0300, Kalina Varbanova wrote:
> Ah yes, thank you for the reassurance, I myself had forgotten Caz's
> words...

That phrase was always particularly vivid, though I doubt I could've
quoted it even that well if I hadn't reread the book within the last
two-three weeks:  my memory's a sieve...
> Just one samll correction - her name was Joen, and she ruled Jokona.

As I was saying:)  (Again I could hear the Mother of Jokona/Mouth of
Hell reverbing in my head, just not the *names*---I'm terrible with

> And the difference for her (doubtlessly some souls besides hers and
> Dondo's went to the Bastard, after the demons took them) was that she
> went there without first dying...

I goofed.  I looked at what I wrote, and cringed:  obviously Joen
[Jokona] was not the only one who went to the bastard's hell---Dondo
went, and though Cazaril obviously implies some comfort to Sara in this
fate, the assumption is that, like Boleso, he comes/is
remembered/shriven to the gods as indeed are all the other `leftovers'
the Bastard accepts.  What happened to Joen, as I read it, was that
because she refused to give up the demon she went back into the roiling
chaos `be-not', from which the demons come, and thus loses her
individuality.  `Be-not', I presume, is separate from the Bastard's Hell
(which given Ista's presumed evenutal fate, seems not all that different
from the Daughter's Garden, or the Son's Hunting Grounds).   

So that is two ways people can avoid the gods and destroy their souls;
as slow cold ghosts, or attached to demons sent back to chaos.

So the big question to my mind is, ok, if the Bastard is in charge
Be-Not, the roiling Chaos (fire) who is responsible for the Ice?  One
presumes the Father of Winter, and did that (possibly an anologous rip
to all those escaped demons?) have something to do with *why* was the
Lion of Roknar so beloved of the Father, and *how/why* did those
cords/divine drops of blood/whatever get loose?  No doubt the list all
discussed this when PoS came out, but I wasn't on the list then...I
suppose I'll have to ask the wizard to help me search the archives, if
they exist and such a thing is possible.

> Greetings:
> Kalina 

My thanks for your patience wrt my errors,



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