[LMB] How ImpMil Specs Live Forever (Courtesy of Kalina Varbanova)

Alfred Kelgarries alfredkelgarries at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 18:46:46 BST 2006

>Oh, my. You made it even funnier. I wouldn't have beleived it could be 
>when I first read it. :)

Not I. Yehudi  (my boss) did it (he's a huge LMB fan but doesn't allow 
himself to do the list because it eats his time too much; I forwarded the 
gmail to him and he fired it right back with a Barrayaran spin, so I just 
had to post it! :) And I was careful to give you credit. I didn't post the 
whole gmail due to the standing list ban on US politics.

Alfred Kelgarries (Who is, thank ghod, going to sleep now. I don't intent to 
wake up until saturday morning either...)
"War is the art of lying to your enemies better than they can lie to you." 
Sun Tzu, modern version
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