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>> yes.  ingrey complains that bad people shoudln't go to heaven. 

You know, you've just raised an interesting theological point.
There's apparently Heaven, where souls go when they die.  It appears
that the Dratsab is in both Heaven and Hell - he takes up souls when
they die, and this is considered a good thing, but he also harvests
souls when death magic is performed, and this is a bad thing.  The
harvested souls are (supposedly) sent to his Hell, which is also where
the demons are confined.


I don't have the book in front of me. Plus it's been a while since I read it, so this is all coming out of my memory. 

I don't recall there ever being a hell, as such, in the 5 gods universe. You were either taken up by the gods or not. If you were taken by the dratsaB, you were tossed into the pit of chaos[1] with the returned demons or not. To me that "or not" is not "hell" in the typical matched set of "heaven and hell" as believed in by some Real Life Religions (tm). Plus, all demons in the 5G Universe begin as "simple elementals" incapable of independent thought or speech or goal-oriented action. (as shown in tPOS) Demonhood is something the escapees from The Pit of Chaos work up to by eating souls. (As evidenced by the bear and horse that possessed demons. Foix also.)  

So mapping "being taken up or not" and "pit of chaos or not" one to one on existing heaven/hell systems really doesn't work for me. There are many sets out there that consist of more than just two options. 

I was always under the impression that being taking up by the gods was like being reborn on another plane of existence--one of magic, perhaps, or energy. What happens to that soul once there is an exercise for the imagination. For all we know, the Mother and Father gods prepare it for rebirth into solid form again. So there would be no hell and no heaven, just a progression of lives similiar to reincarnation or the wheel of life. 


[1] which immediately brought to mind The Pit of Despair.  Don't know why.... *grin*

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