[LMB] OT: America in Colour 1939 -43 and Dancing onBarrayer

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Fri Dec 1 01:59:13 GMT 2006

> From: CatMtn at aol.com
> Date: 30 November 2006 20:41

> m.dolbear at lineone.net writes:
> And  there were lots of non-Vor officers prior to the Aral Regency, even
> not  all went to the top academy.
> Koudelka, Metzov, Valentine, Kanzian,  Negri, Illyan, Amor Klyeuvi (Kly
> Mail), Gerould,  Sircoj.

> I understood that Kou had gone to the Imperial Service Academy--Cordelia 
> speculating about Kou's knowledge of the black market (in _Barrayar_) 
> wondered just where Kou's father had gotten the money to buy him the  
> preparatory education necessary for entrance into the ISA

Kou did, Illyan didn't "I went to one of the regional schools".

Is my British English opaque here ? I intended to both list the non-Vor and
suggest that all approved academies would cover the same ground. We know
nothing about Kly however (perhaps he went to the Postal Academy when he
transferred for a conversion course on Postal Regulations).

Little Egret

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