[LMB] Anime?? (Re: SP: TSK is a Big Fat Greek Wedding)

David McMillan skyefire at skyefire.org
Wed Dec 6 11:54:14 GMT 2006

Elizabeth McCoy wrote:
> At 7:33 PM -0600 12/5/06, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
>> [...] new Netflix queue, after I get through more of the initial anime binge...
> ...oh, oh my. Anime.
> If you have any favorites, would you share them? If I may be so bold as
> to ask, that is, and now I'll run away in a shamefully fangirlish fit
> of shyness.

	(repeating myself from years ago)

	Miles Vorkosigan, Saturday Morning Anime Warrior:  "HYPER CHARISMA ATTACK!"

	Come to think... most of us are probably at least passingly familiar 
with how Western cultural items become... altered... once filtered 
through a Japanese popular-entertainment lens.  Imagining the Vorkosigan 
saga "Japanimated" gives some really weird results.

	Still, if we could avoid the standard anime tropes and follow a path 
more similar to "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" or "Cowboy 
Bebop," or even "Full Metal Alchemist," it might be possible to do the 
stories justice.

	Of course, there's still room the the Sat-AM version... :)

	"Mark.  Are you telling me that you sold the story rights to *my* life 
to an Escobaran entertainment company to make an *animated children's 
	"Don't worry, I didn't give them anything that's classified.  Much. 
Anymore.  And they promised to change all the names.  And besides, they 
made me a great offer -- you get half!"
	"THAT'S NOT THE PO-- how much?"

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