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>>***Do you have any recommendations? 

From: Elizabeth McCoy
Ah... I hope you don't regret asking that on a mailing list!

[list and summaries snipped]

I think I've watched about half or a third of Elizabeth's list and agree they're good. "Ranma 1/2" is especially good if you're into gender bending and people changing into animals and back. Rioga (sp?) constantly getting lost has to be one of the best running gags. 

One of the anime series that's not on Elizabeth's list is "Initial D." It's about street racing in Japan. The main character is a "natural" driver who was stealth trained by his father to be the greatest racer in existance. It's a coming of age story with cars. As a side note, the roads in the series are real roads in the mountains of Japan. Due to the popularity of the series, there is a lot of problem with teenagers dragging the roads after dark. The mechanical aspects of the cars are accurate, too. 


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