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Tue Dec 12 00:09:17 GMT 2006

If I write an article 
> about the links between, oh, Soviet tank production and the eventual 
> defeat of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front in WWII, it does not at all 
> belittle the contribution of my father, who was flying tail gun in a B26 
> over the Med at the time trading bullets with the RAI and the Luftwaffe. 
> It simply isn't necessary to the thesis.

But if 98 percent of all articles written about WWII are about the cool cool 
tank factories and the destruction of the Wehrmacht, and a good chunk of the 
remaining two percent boil down to "tank factories and Wehrmacht!  Oh yeah, 
and some guys flew around in planes some of the time", then it's entirely 
possible that some readers will start longingly looking for planes or infantry or 
SOMEthing besides the tanks.  (Besides, from some of the meta-fiction 
writing I've seen on trickster.org and similar sites, if it's not slash, then it's 
pre-slash or denial-slash or some such...so apparently the guys in planes 
would really rather be making tanks.)

I seriously don't have the slash gene.  But I'd consider myself a casual slash 
reader (I don't much care for it and don't seek it out, but if it's a rare fandom or 
a good author, I'll read it without complaint).  I don't think people *shouldn't* 
write slash, but it's just as vulnerable as anything else to Sturgeon's Law, and 
the 90-percent in slash usually tends to be stuff that annoys me deeply.  And 
I've seen the same lack-of-friendship that others have complained about...not 
a *lack* so much as an assumption that no friendship can ever, ever be as 
good or as important as a sexual relationship.  I'll admit that it raises my 
hackles.  (So, yeah: don't like, don't read.  Mostly, I don't.  But fanfic interests 
me immensely, both for itself and anthropologically.)

On the plus side, I've amused myself all afternoon writing WWII tank-
production fanfic cliches in my head.

My two long-winded cents,

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