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At 9:44 PM -0500 12/11/06, Sylvus Tarn wrote:
[replying to the >>I wrote stuff
>> The Little Mermaid II had some excellent bits, [...]
>Another film for which the theme was inappropriate sheltering.  However,
>I didn't buy the parental panic, which grated.

Some of it... I could sort of buy -- Ariel's reaction to Melody's
finding the necklace was exactly what her father's was, finding
Prince whatshisname's statue being cooed over. I think it was done
a bit too heavy-handedly and with a large chunk not-quite-subtext-enough
moralizing of "if you don't tell them, they go out and do it anyway."

>> While Aladdin 2 should have been strangled, #3 was great.)
>And in that one, as in LKII, they moved to a different generation (elder
>instead of younger in this case) thereby making it a different
>character's story. 

Oh. Oh, POINT. Yes, that's exactly the problem with Little Mermaid II;
they're trying to tell two stories -- the older, parental Ariel and
Prince, worried for their daughter, and splitting up to look for her
with trust and stuff... and the younger Melody going WOAH COOL SQUEE!

Two stories, or at least one and a half, wedged into one movie... 
Not so good.

> Because, of course, in a proper fairy tale,
>everything ends happily; the excitement's *done*:)

Oh, I dunno -- that was a pretty good wicked grin that Aladdin had
at the end, IIRC... O:D
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