[LMB] Re: [OT] STD/fanfic

Marna Nightingale marna at marna.ca
Wed Dec 13 20:06:01 GMT 2006

Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> --- Azalais Aranxta <tiamat at tsoft.com> wrote:
>> I quite loathe the idea that all fiction should be
>> didactic and model "appropriate behaviour".  
> I agree.  I think the goal of fiction should be to
> present the vision of the writer, whatever it may be.

I am currently working my not very disciplined way though Auden's _The 
Dyer's Hand_, a collection of critical essays.

He suggests at one point that to the degree a writer is related to the 
world, their role is that of a witness, and the only crime a witness can 
commit is perjury.

I am contemplating this. It SOUNDS right to me. I therefore offer it for 

This implies, of course, that you can't lay down terms in advance for 
what a writer says, but you can on examining the product afterwards, 
conclude that they have been dishonest to their own vision.


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