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> M:
> Didn't MZB go through something like that about allowing others to write in
> her Darkover universe?  Or was it someone else?  I recall some author  whose
> books I read who had trouble with copyrights or something, but I  didn't pay
> much attention at the time and the memory is pretty vague.
 	As I recall (and bear in mind I lost track of how often I've been 
concused back in grade, um, thingie) someone writing in the Darkover 
universe felt something MZB wrote was derivative of something the fan had 

 	My favourite example of how not to handle the delicate matter of 
asking permission is the case where Chelsea Quinn Yarbro was asked if she 
minded if (two guys, I think) used her character Saint Germaine in a 
published fan fic, she said that she did mind and then they published 
anyway, with an intro that said that the author denied them permission, 
they felt the story was too special not to see print.

 	As it turns out, Yarbro had a lawyer.

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