[LMB] Re: Slash'n'Anime'n'Romance

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 02:22:51 GMT 2006

> Have I somehow known you for this long without ever inflicting upon you
> the rant which begins "Women in Western culture, having generally been
> raised to live on figurative and sometimes literal table scraps, need to
> learn to consult their needs and desires and abilities in setting their
> goals, and forget about their probably completely insane sense of what
> they might 'realistically' expect or be said to deserve."?

I'd like to hear more of that myself.

Although it gets me with conflicted mental images on the meanings of
the word "realistic" - and the realization that I'm inconsistent in
that myself.

> Besides, it seems to me I am forever being enjoined to show an interest
> in things that will make me more attractive to men.
> So -- read some slash and/or romance, guys. maybe take a few notes.
> It'll get you laid.

Heh.  One of the great joys of my life is being married to a man who,
once he was introduced to it, loves Georgette Heyer.  I think he
rereads Frederica and The Great Sophy more often than I do.

Hm, I think perhaps I should stop reading email for the evening and go
show him how much I appreciate him!

Laura Gallagher

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