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Beth Mitcham mitcham.beth at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 04:17:33 GMT 2006

It's interesting that you find my remark offensive and rude but you
had no problem with the rudeness showed to Bill.  I thought Malfoy's
reactions to his posts were aggressive and out of proportion, as well
as clearly brought on by factors outside of his post.  That's pretty
much the definition of a tantrum.

Many people disagreed with his opinion without attacking him.  Only
Malfoy repeatedly assigned him bad motives and participation in the
oppression of others and then informed him that his opinion was not
welcome.  She mentioned his sexual orientation as one of the reasons
he should not express his opinion.  Polite discourse was pretty much
lost at this point.

Maybe I'm reading things into her tone that she didn't mean, and maybe
Malfoy is reading things into Bill's tone that he didn't mean.
Regardless, it was not Bill who turned an interesting discussion ugly.

I know that you are a good friend with Malfoy, and I know that the two
of you have been on this list for much longer than me.  I still do not
feel that her method of expression was appropriate, although the
content was similar to that expressed by several other people.

This bothers me because I think of you as someone who helps make this
list a good community.  If you don't see a problem with Malfoy's
responses to Bill, maybe I am misunderstanding something and therefore
owe her an apology.  But from my screen I don't see how one can read
her replies as at all polite.

Beth Mitcham

On 12/12/06, Marna Nightingale <marna at marna.ca> wrote:
> Beth Mitcham wrote:
> > Actually, what is really offensive is throwing a tantrum
> 1) Now, THAT is -- I will not say offensive, though it offends me. That
> is a very unpleasant and rude remark you just made.
> > because someone
> > else doesn't like the same things you do, and has the NERVE to say so.
> Bill is totally entitled to his likes and dislikes, and neither Azalais
> nor anyone else said he wasn't.
> But if you go on to give _reasons_ for your dislikes, and those reasons
> amount to "I dislike X because there is something wrong with X, and with
> liking X", well, you have said something which you may be asked to defend.
> Marna.
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