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> Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>> [1] One might argue that I am unrealistic myself, and
>> therefore unable to recognize the trait in others.  I
>> hope no one will try to argue this, hmm?
> Have I somehow known you for this long without ever inflicting upon you 
> the rant which begins "Women in Western culture, having generally been 
> raised to live on figurative and sometimes literal table scraps, need to 
> learn to consult their needs and desires and abilities in setting their 
> goals, and forget about their probably cmeompletely insane sense of what 
> they might 'realistically' expect or be said to deserve."?
> Remind me when next I see you. :)
> Me, myself, I used to have 'realistic' expectations when it came to 
> choosing friends and partners.
> Now I have extremely high ones, and just look where it's gotten me. :)
> As far as the specific possible high expectations raised by romance 
> novels, well, for one thing I'm getting old and mean and for anything in 
> the way of wooing of lower quality I can hardly be arsed to pull my boots 
> on (or off) anymore, and if that's one reason why I have spent a lot of my 
> adult life alone, well, I had reading to do anyway.
> Besides, it seems to me I am forever being enjoined to show an interest in 
> things that will make me more attractive to men.

Go to a supermarket.  Look at the words on the covers of the magazines. 
Open some of them up.  How many of them are NOT about "you are female and it 
is your position in life to make yourself over into what OTHER people 
want/need/expect/demand"?   From "All about his orga$m" to "How to make your 
family happier" to "meals to servce to your family" to "fashion do's and 
don't" to "who wore it better," to  judgments on the attire and 
attractiveness of it of what public figure women wore what (and the 
occasional male shown as a token, there were two men in a tabloid article 
mainly concerned with such things as criticizing  Kirstie Alley for having a 
big butt and someone else for body reshaping gone wrong etc., criticized for 
spare tire waist and some other such physical failure to continue to be 
hunky, the magazine push on mostly women a sense of inadequacy and needing 
to buy the products that the advertisers in the magazines are selling to 
make them look fitter, be healthier, appeal more to men, serve their 
families better, etc.

Anorexia started spreading to males a few years ago,  with a push for them 
to be slender and with a narrow waist and hips, and they started going on 
diets to debulk and reshape to that ideal....

> So -- read some slash and/or romance, guys. maybe take a few notes. It'll 
> get you laid.

Getting laid isn't that difficult if one's standards are sufficiently low or 
one has money one is willing to spend for commodity purchase...,

> Marna.
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