[LMB] Re: Slash OT:

Marna Nightingale marna at marna.ca
Thu Dec 14 06:03:09 GMT 2006

Kirsten Edwards wrote:

<snipped a whole pile of stuff I basically agree with>

> Which is not to say that I don't sympathize with your
> irritation at the "oh, they can't merely be true and
> loyal friends, with a bond greater (for them), albeit
> different than any of their romantic partnerships"
> implication.
> No, they have to be boinking too. Feh.

Put that way, it sounds rather awful, yes.

But I will suggest that while there's a certain amount of that at play, 
there's also a diametrically opposite motive, which is 'so why does it 
have to be SO different? So they're boinking; why does that mean they 
aren't exactly the good and true friends shown in canon?'

There's a lot of preoccupation around who's doing who in Western [1] 
culture; there's a lot of anxiety, too. Some of it is centered around, 
well, who's taking it and who isn't, and what social implications that 
has. (In this culture, suspicion that you're taking it is what Lois 
calls a status emergency, which is a lovely phrase and very descriptive).

I rather suspect that slash serves as a way for writers and readers to 
do various interesting things with that preoccupation and anxiety.

This is not the only thing it does, but I think it's in there 
functioning away, and that it is very directly related to negotiating 
ideas of friendship.


[1] And, clearly, elsewhere. But as I so far seem to be pretty much 
immune to the lure of Anime, etc, I'll leave that side of the world for 
someone else to 'splain.

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