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OT removed because this snippet response has drifted back on topic...

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Lois has mentioned the readers' laying down of terms a few times when
she made the switch from the Vorkosiverse and science fiction to the
Chalionverse and fantasy and further into romance territory. [...snip...]Every negative review boiled down
to "This isn't what I expected." TSK:B is everything except a EHASF.

From: Lois McMaster Bujold
*** Oh, God, yes.  Except I'll absolve them of wanting EFP; many want 
Miles books in thin disguise.  Or no disguise.  Extruded Miles Product?  
Except that if I did that, the other half would complain just as loudly.

Victroria, again:
I'll have to remember "EFP". "Extruded Miles Product" works, too, but I don't know how "EMP" will received to the uninitiated. Seems a bit.... explosive. *grin*

From: Lois McMaster Bujold
Just for... possibly amusement, or possibly my humility, I glanced back 
over reviews of my earlier titles.  *Every single one* had at least some 
reviewers saying, "It isn't Bujold's best!"   So, um...?

Each one better than all the others.  Yeah, right.

Victoria, again: 
Hmmm....yes. I see where you're coming from. If it's any consolation, I (and it seems a large part of the buying readership) trust word of mouth over reviewers. 

From: Lois McMaster Bujold
Although if one thinks it through, the notion that I have still to write 
my best book is rather heartening.

Victoria, again:
Oh, yes. A writer friend once said "Each book is a learning experience. The next is always better than the last." Is that true for you, too? 

So, going back to Advance Terms from the Reader... [...snip...] Lois violated most of those terms with TSK:B.

From: Lois McMaster Bujold
***   Heh.  You ain't seen nothin' yet.

July, 2007.

Ta, L.

Victoria, again: 
*SHRIEKS*  I'd ask "Why do you do that?" but I already know. *grumble* I'll be clearing my queue of posts because I want to discuss some list biz. Besides, Christmas is coming like a runaway freight train, and I have no more time to dither on word choice and presentation. Prepare to receive about seven pages [1] of squid musings. 


[1] Printed out. You said "at length" so I took you at your word. Be glad. It was longer. 

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