[LMB] MCF/OT: change in contact frequency

Azalais Aranxta tiamat at tsoft.com
Thu Dec 14 21:43:06 GMT 2006

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Azalais Aranxta wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Marna Nightingale wrote:
> > Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> >
> > > Santa is, however, likely to have to deal with an inquisitive
> > > pterodactyl and a flirtatious Captain Jack.
> >
> > *is trying very hard to get the mental image of Jack sitting on Santa's
> > lap to go away*
> >
> > I'll get you for this, Holden... *g*
> Singing "Santa Baby".  In that VOICE.
"Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
 Been an awful good boy
 Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

 Santa baby, a 54 convertible too, light blue
 I'll wait up for you dear
 Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

 Think of all the fun I've missed
 Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed
 Next year I could be o' so good
 If you'd check off my Christmas list
 -Bee Doo Bee Doo

 Santa honey, I wanna TARDIS really that's
 Not a lot
 Been an angel all year
 Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

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"I know the true world, and you know I do. But we needn't let it
think we all bow down." --Christopher Morley

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