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You are most welcome.  I have seen threats to computer equipment actual
cause results so in that vein the axe is a legitimate albeit extreme
option :-)

Well I have to admit that despite being a voracious reader I haven't
gotten to TSK yet <hang head> Just way to many books and so little time
to read :-) I am a great fan of the Vorkosigan and Chalion series as
should come as no surprise. I have been accused of being hyper at times
but no where in the same league as Miles (then again is there anyone in
the same league as Miles and if there is do we 'really' want to know?

I would have to say that my most favorite Miles book is a Civil
Campaign.  That dinner party was an absolute classic it had myself and
my wife (also a big Miles fan) laughing for hours on end. I would pay
serious money to have someone film just that scene.

In some ways I can associate to Miles or an aspect of him.  Miles is
very good at what he does, but inside he doubts himself sometimes.  I am
the same way.  I am in financial software development and do it quite
well but the hardest thing I run up against is doing my own annual self

Otherwise a am a big science fiction and fantasy fan.  It would take to
long to list the authors I like :-) I am also a big Anime fan and have
been for years.  At the risk of adding to the lsit of Anime to watch I
would have to include Kimgure Orange Road And to really date myself
(Space Cruiser Yamato) known to folks here in the US as Star Blazers.

"The thing's hollow, it goes on forever and...oh my god it's full of

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Dennis Smith wrote:
> <de-lurking>

Hi! Pull up a chair! Tell us how you like the books!

> I hope this helps.

That was my guess, actually, but not being a Windows user I couldn't 
blag out how to fix it; thanks!

And indeed, thanks to all of you: I suspect that the answer is one of 
these suggestions. As soon as she stops threatening to kill her mouse 
with an axe, we'll try all of these in order of simple.


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