[LMB] listbiz, was Pizza Call (was OT: Slash)

Laura Gallagher celticdragonfly at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 00:47:31 GMT 2006

> I want to know why so many people on this list, which is and was even at
> its absolute worst probably the gentlest and politest place in all of
> cyberspace, are so incredibly bloody afraid of making a mistake here.

Because there are people here who have, at least in the past, shown
that they can quite well demolish somebody while still maintaining a
position that *they* are being civilized and quite justified, and they
will have friends who back them up and tell the demolished person that
they're wrong to feel hurt.

I have had a number of dear friends who are no longer on this list
because of just that. My closest friends who are also Bujold fans have
left the list.  I forward on to some of them interesting things that
Lois posts. And I generally try to keep my head down.

Laura Gallagher

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