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Fri Dec 15 01:21:16 GMT 2006

I think one thing to keep in mind is that the Vorkosigan saga was a
series of interlocking books building on others.  SHARDS was a
moderately fun read, but BARRAYAR was vastly deeper and more powerful,
and much of the strength of MEMORY and MIRROR DANCE came from the fact
that we already knew who Miles was, so we didn't have to imagine the
wrench of his amnesia and changing character; we were already there
with him and were being wrenched as he was; we'd been with Admiral
Naismith for a decade and so "best two falls out of three" was not a
clever little line, it was a blinding, tear-jerking, moment of Awful
Realization.  (There were a lot of them in that book.)

I suspect that if Lois sticks around in this universe, we will see 
books which are as much better than TSK:B as MEMORY was than WARRIOR'S
APPRENTICE, because there will be enough of the universe already in us
that she can spend time on other things than worldbuilding, explore
in depth characters we already know, and the like.

TSK is lighter than I'm used to with Her Ladyship's books, but I 
think that part of the darkness and the seriousness at the climax
of the Vorkosigan arc was precisely the contrast with what had come
before, and the realization that Miles was growing up and some things
just weren't appropriate any longer, and some enemies are serious...
the worst of them being yourself.

But I don't think I would like a diet of unrestrained bleakness.  Even
with the victories, MIRROR DANCE had some unbearable moments in it.  I
like it that we're moving in a lighter direction, though I think I
would like to see more of this world -- right now, TSK is focused
very much on the two people involved (just like SHARDS?) and it may
take some time before the wide green world comes into focus and we
see more of the history, and the other people, and the various
places and threads that are also part of the tapestry.

Tony Z

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