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Azalais Aranxta tiamat at tsoft.com
Fri Dec 15 02:03:51 GMT 2006

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, H R Stockert wrote:

> Perhaps it's simply a matter of intent.  Someone pointed
> earlier to the fact that there will always be *content* that
> offends.  There will always be the temptation to TAKE offense
> where none is clearly meant.
> So, perhaps it's just a matter for civilized lists to make it a rule
> not to take public offense where it cannot be conclusively
> demonstrated that offense was *intended*.

I beg to differ.

I can't see any point in taking public offence when offence is
clearly intended.  If somebody MEANS to be offensive, there's not
much point in pursuing the matter, and that's a conversation I
won't subject others to publicly nor subject myself to privately.

The best response to someone saying, "Well, I personally think
there's nothing wrong with eating babies, but that's just my
opinion," is deafening silence.  Do you take my point?

I take offence precisely because I think the other person doesn't
know that they've been offensive, or why, and would probably like
to know.  Whether I do it in private or public depends upon
whether I think I was the only one offended, how serious the
offence was, and also, like a substantial number of people on
this list, I'm completely disinclined to start a private
conversation with someone I don't know well, particularly
if it is not going to be a pleasant one--if I want to get to know
someone better off list, I'm going to email them to ask about
something we have in common.

~malfoy :)

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